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Swansea & West Wales Introbiz Expo POSTPONED until October 8 2020

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, the Swansea & West Wales Introbiz is being postponed until October 8.

The event will take place on Thursday, 8th October 2020 and will welcome a range of businesses from across West Wales and beyond. There’ll be a range of keynote speakers, seminars and a networking breakfast where you can meet entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners, coaches, authors, consultants and many more.

Member & PARTNER news

Welcome the Development Banc of Wales our latest partners here in Swansea & West Wales. – 12th August 2020


We are delighteed to have the Development Banc join us as partners and we agree wholeheartedly with their belief that for Wales to prosper, our businesses need to prosper.  The development banc understands that when our businesses thrive, they create a higher number of better quality jobs. The taxes they pay strengthen our public finances. The people they employ strengthen our communities. When Welsh businesses are strong, Wales is strong.

In addition to this they appreciate that for our businesses to thrive, they need finance.  The Development Bank of Wales was set up by the Welsh Government to support the economy of Wales by making it easier for businesses to get the finance needed to start up, strengthen and grow.

The Development Banc is a unique resource for Wales and they can support Welsh businesses in a number of ways:

  • Loans from £1,000 – £5 million to start, strengthen or grow your business
  • Equity investment from £50,000 to £5 million for established businesses
  • Seed finance for pre-revenue tech start-ups
  • Equity investment for early stage and mature technology-based businesses
  • Finance up to £5 million to buy a business (business owners and management teams)
  • Property development loans for projects in Wales
  • Referrals to Business Wales for business advice and support
  • Co-investment alongside banks, crowd funders, grants, investors and other lenders

Welcome Scott Otten and SoCoffee Trades our latest member here in Swansea & West Wales. – 12th August 2020


Scott currently applies his trade with the Ospreys and has launched is own coffee supply company. Scott Says

If there is anything more important than the satisfaction to be had from a perfectly made coffee, then it is the appreciation of the work that has been undertaken to prepare it.

We believe that the key to the perfect cup lies in the process of the production. You can’t make great coffee without a great roast; you can’t make a great roast without great beans. You can’t grow great beans without years of industry knowledge, and the best place to access that? SO Coffee.

Our aim is to provide your business and home with the smoothest and most great tasting coffee, in order for you in turn to provide your customers, friends and family with the highest possible level of satisfaction. From choosing the birthplace of the beans and the story behind each individual coffee, to providing you with the information you need to get the best out of them; everything we do is done in the name of quality.”

We provide our customers with smooth, high quality coffee; You provide your family, friends and customers with the greatest experience. 



We are very excited to welcome new Member, Dan Stanley from Better-men.uk. – 6th July 2020

Dan is an expert in the field of human development and performance.  Throughout his career he has coached hundreds of people to become better, more purposeful, more productive, more courageous and higher performing versions of themselves.  He has a proven track record of enabling others to achieve and succeed.

BetterMen enables men to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling and successful lives.  They help men bridge the gap from where they are to where they know they need to be.  They facilitate this transition through delivery of their structured and specific coaching.  They deliver a unique and innovative male orientated coaching framework to men who want more from their lives.

Better-Men.uk make good men better, it is that simple.  Their mission is to enable men to live better lives; to reach and sustain long term personal and professional success whilst maintaining positive relationships and personal wellbeing.


Getting to Know Our Members – 1st July 2020

We are so proud of our member, FIRE FIGHTER and FINANCIAL ADVISOR, Richard Hanney who continues to serve his community as an essential service in the pandemic! #watchthis and see how he has fared and soared in these unpredictable times!



InSynch are opening up their virtual doors to help businesses cope with Covid-19
‘We want to help you – Book a free 121 Digital Marketing Session

Although we are aware many businesses may suffer during this difficult time, there are opportunities to explore different target markets and push through COVID-19 strong. Planning ahead for when the country resumes normality is essential, but we can also help you make the most of current gaps in the market and utilise online advertising.

For this reason, we are offering FREE webcam and video consultations with one of our Digital Marketing Specialists to any businesses in order to help develop a strong marketing strategy. This is particularly essential at the moment when people are spending more of their free time online, browsing through social media, using search engines and forward planning for when social distancing is less pertinent.



If you are a business owner, you may be feeling overwhelmed, or lonely right now, trying to work out how to make sense of the current situation and what to do for the best over the next three months.  At Mustard Advisers, we have a combined experience of more than 100 years in business (take a look at our bios here).  We’ve been through crises before, and we’ve helped businesses to come out of the other side.

Whether you are still struggling to deal with the fall-out from the announcements over the last couple of weeks, or want to prepare your business for recovery and growth, we are here to help.

If you need a sounding board right now, we are offering you a free 90-minute video conferencing call to help you find your way through this maze.  No charge.  No sales pitch.  Just help.  Call 02921 111 262, or email hello@mustardadvisers.com and ask for a call back from an adviser.


A WEBTV channel about businesses for businesses in Wales. Powered by the Media Suite, School of Management, Swansea University In partnership with Introbiz Swansea and West Wales. This Channel provides a platform for all types of Welsh Businesses with a story. The business can be a start-up, SME or a global organisation. The channel hopefully will empower and inspire entrepreneurs of all ages with inspiration confidence and education to assist them in starting and growing their business. The episodes are shown weekly but all episodes are available to view in the back catalogue. So if you have or know of a business that fits this criteria please get in touch as you or they can inspire others. We here at Introbiz Swansea and West Wales want to support and help businesses promote and connect each other in whatever ways we can.



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